Rent insured

INSURED FOR RENT is a special service offered by COPPOLA REAL ESTATE, born with the aim to protect the parties involved in the lease contract on exclusive terms .
Surety to guarantee 12 monthly
The ” surety to guarantee 12 month ” is precisely a guarantee issued by a company in favor of the owner to guarantee that the tenant pay on time the individual lease payments under the contract. It ‘ an additional warranty that certifies the creditworthiness of the tenant. If the tenant becomes the owner will have to start defaulting Semplicemte the procedure indicated in general terms in order to receive a refund of the monthly unpaid . The Company will compensate him up to the twelve month before then claim on the tenant for the amount reimbursed .
Security deposit 3 month
The ” Security deposit 3 month ” is a guarantee which ensures that the tenant leaves at the end of the lease , the property in good condition . This replaces the traditional security deposit paid in cash. The owner in this situation if it were to apply for a refund must simply prove the damages and attach a quote to restore dell’immobil . The Company will compensate him up to a maximum of three months before then claim on the tenant for the amount reimbursed .
Privacy Policy Legal
The ” Legal Protection Insurance ‘ is an insurance that covers legal costs to the owner , ie a lawyer, for extra-judicial or judicial practices such as evicting the tenant defaulting . The guarantee is given up to the maximum amount stated in board policy.
For the owner
Certify the reliability of the tenant.
AffittoAssicurato is released only to tenants deemed reliable partner by the Companies .
• Eliminates the risk of default of the tenant .
In the case of tenant rent morosià Insured replaces the conductor in the payment of the fee, ensuring legal certainty lease payments and refunding any damage caused to the property.
• It ‘ s free!
In fact the surety to guarantee the timely payment of fees and the security deposit is paid by the tenant , while the legal protection insurance is donated by Rent Insured.
For the tenant
 No immobilization of money
Rent Insured fact allows al’inquilino not anticipate and leave the immobilized three months , this is because the deposit is replaced by Rental Guarantee Insured , and then the surety to guarantee the timely payment of fees, if believed to be reliable , is granted to any of immobilization money.
• Investigation and outcome in a short time
The professionalism of our consultants and exclusive relationships with our partener allow us to give an answer within a few hours from the practice by the real estate agency .
• Certificate of Reliability
It allows you to overcome the distrust of the owner against you and so popping better economic conditions