The reform of the land registry law is

The proxy tax which contains the long-awaited reform of the cadastre has received final approval by the chamber. the proposed revision , for which full implementation will take five years , expected value and the category is not based more on the number of rooms, but on square meters. the final pension will also be determined by a mathematical formula that will link all the features of the property, the market value of the position

for years now we talk about reform of the cadastre , but the project became mired in the meshes of a policy to accelerate the project, already approved by the Senate in recent weeks , has been given in these hours by the new minister of economy Pier Carlo Padoan that indicated in the cadastral revision , one of the core objectives of economic recovery Padoan which has always proved more favorable taxation of assets that labor has said that we must ” ensure greater fairness in the determination of tax bases Surveying ”

the government will now have a year to adopt one or more legislative decrees for the complete overhaul of our tax system . but here are the cornerstones of the reform recently approved

– will be introduced a new system of classification in which the unit will no longer be room (the room ) but surface expressed in square meters

– the asset value will be calculated thanks to an algorithm (which will be multiplied by the square meters of the house ) . the starting point will be the market value per square meter , most likely found on the values ​​of the Revenue omi , and consideranno a series of coefficients according to the characteristics of the property ( year of construction, maintenance , stairs, exposure , facing , central heating or central)

– the cadastral income will start from the annual rental values ​​ expressed per square meter , which will reduce the cost of routine maintenance , adjustments or the administration . the value will be multiplied by the area , thus obtaining the value of the new pension

– Taxpayers may request the correction of the new pensions , with the obligation to answer within 60 days

the reform of the cadastre will use the so-called ” federalism cadastral ” < / strong > or the involvement of Italian municipalities that the agency will provide revenue data that it is not able to find easily in the census commission calls validate statistical functions must participate expert indicated by the associations in the real estate sector, with maximum publicity and transparency of the statistical functions used

danger increases
reform must take place in the invariance of revenue, may not bring an economic burden for families and will have to take into account the socio-economic conditions and the extent and composition of the household , as reflected nell’isee it is a pivotal point , because the danger is now one of the possible price increases . at constant rates a cadastre based on the values ​​of the Revenue would lead in fact to a sharp increase in taxes . solutions in order to preserve the invariance of revenue at this point could be two : revise the rates downward ( the most likely) or implemented as in other countries such as Spain, where the market value is felled for tax purposes.